(PvP Cluster Only, Modded PvP rules are in game via F1)

General Rule:
This is a PVP Server, PVP is encouraged, but keep in mind that if your actions hurt the overall server population, then you risk being banned.
Anyone may report players breaking ANY rule by reporting it in our Discord in the #rule-violations channel

PSA: It is ALWAYS a good idea to screenshot/video your raids/defenses for both amusement later and to help keep the accusations at bay.

Instant ban for the following:

  • Using hacks
  • Using bots
  • Using exploits
  • "Undermeshing" - Hiding structures, dinos, or players under/in terrain that is inaccessible without exploiting

TLDR Version:

  • Raiding - In the interest of keeping this server PvP oriented without the limits of a PvE/PvP cycle all forms of PvP are allowed, unless otherwise stated in the rules below or if it is an exploit.
  • Global Chat - No spamming chat, no racist comments, English only in global, no hackusations/qqing over PvP take it to Discord. Keep the toxicity out of both in game chat (global and local) and voip, leave that for #hate-fucking in Discord. Don't discuss streams of players within the community.
  • Griefing - Things such as placing structures for no other purpose than to disallow building there, keeping a player locked in a cage for more than 30 mins period. Surrounding an enemy base with turrets/dinos/spike walls/ etc. unless otherwise for a tactical advantage/staging area during a raid and when the raid is over it must all be taken down/removed. Impersonating an admin, another community member or tribe with intent to break rules and or troll. (intent will be determined by the impersonated party)
  • Bases & Passive Pens - 1 passive pen per base is allowed (max 2 bases per server, if you merge tribes, you are responsible for clearing extra bases!), 1 water pen per server allowed. List of what is allowed and not allowed in a passive pen is below.
  • Holding a tribe down – Do not sit outside of a tribe's base and prevent them from entering/exiting their base. The exception is when you are raiding their base. (i.e., Griefing)
  • No blocking obelisks or artifact caves – Allow access to the obelisk itself and any resources around them. Artifact caves can be built in, but you cannot block access to the artifacts themselves (this includes structures, tames or turrets)
  • FOBS - Clean up raid structures/FOBs within 12 hours of raid completion.
  • Structure Spam - NO pillar/foundation spam. Clean up temporary taming pens. Permanent taming pens may be built and must remain unlocked for all to use, if there is already one in the area use it, don't build another.
  • Platforms - Drivers can be boxed in on Brontos and Para's everything else MUST BE UNCOVERED (i.e., Pickable)
  • Raid CD - Once you have been raided (structure damage in logs) you may request for a 48hr CD against that tribe on that server in our Discord. (SS of logs with structure damage will be required, you have 12hrs to request the CD after being raided, if past 12hrs you will only be given 24hr CD or none of it was a combat log)

Everyone gets ONE warning only and a chance to be pointed to the rules for them to be read. However, if the severity of the rule breaking is extreme, or you are being toxic to the player base, there are instances where there will be no warning given and a ban given immediately. Depending on the rule broken, punishments range from a 12 hour ban, reparations being required, to a permanent ban.

You cannot partially raid a base (structure damage), have the entire raiding team leave, then come back to raid again. Returning to FoBs is acceptable, only sending one person to your main base is acceptable. Having more than that return to your main base for supplies or dinos is a rule violation.

If you are wanting to gain a prime base location then you should ask the current owner to move first or offer compensation/reward to move, if an agreement can't be met foundation wiping is not against the rules. Disruptive activity affecting the health of the server could get you removed. (i.e., Constantly wiping a tribe over and over)

We HIGHLY recommend you either record all raid action (both raiding and defending) or take PLENTY of screenshots. Evidence is needed for many different issues, from cooldowns to rule violations to disputing if someone has said you violated rules during raid action. There are several software providers that allow for recording for free, including Shadowplay and OBS. F12 (default) is Steams screenshot button. This video/screenshots are good to provide evidence should you need and also look back on past PvP action for fun.


If raid protection is violated, the victim tribe must provide evidence in the proper discord channel. This protection is only nullified if the victim tribe raids the tribe back within the raid protection cool down, at which point they can be targeted for a raid again.

Open world PvP does not break cooldowns. Sniping into a base, whether by gun or dino, will violate the terms of the raid protection cool down if there is one in place. (i.e., anything in the base is a no, anything outside is open world pvp during a CD)

(Structure Damage does not include pipes/electric wires/etc, significant loss would need to be proven that it was a well defended raid to get a CD for those items, raid protection is designed for recovery from being raided, not for a singular item broken or irrelevant items and will be at the helpers/staff discretion to grant it)


If you raided on/were aggressive with a dino and run back to your base to throw it in a passive pen it is still considered hostile up to 1 hr after it was used for an aggressive act and may be killed within that pen. ONLY said dino though none of the others. In the case of this the attacking party BETTER show tribe log/screen shot proof that they were attacked by this dino or you could be punished.

If you are riding a dino it is considered aggressive at all times. Even if you are killed while riding it and it is set for passive it is considered aggressive as it can be used to attack still. Anything not set to passive in a proper passive pen is fair game at all times.

Manned turrets are okay on platforms. NO tank dinos period do not encase any dino so they can not be attacked. No more then ONE wall down allowed below platforms except a singular ramp to the ground for loading/unloading/gathering purposes. Rafts can be fully enclosed.


This pen must be SEPERATE but NEAR the base, roughly around turret range is an acceptable distance between the pen and the base. Dinos in a marked pen set to the side on PASSIVE should NOT be killed. Dinos anywhere else are considered fair game. Marked pen is a pen with large signs all around it stating passive pen, preferably billboards (Billboards do have a wooden version, make sure the labeling is as clear as possible). Pens can be a fully enclosed building or just railing and fence foundations, as long as it is enclosing the dinos hence a "pen." You can also use terrain as part of your walls, so long as the dinos are enclosed within a β€œpen.”

Only exception to this would be water pens as not everyone has beach front property, with those pens 99.99% of the dinos inside should be water related and you should only have 1 water pen per server.

Passive pens should have nothing more then the allowed gathering passive dinos, your five breed set dinos and a feeding trough or cages in it so that it is not considered a base.

Luring or dropping wild dinos into passive pens, if caught it will be the same as killing passives yourself and will be punished.

There is a disallowed list that do not gain the benefits of passive pen that can't be breeders or gatherers and a limit of 5 breed groups of 3 per pen. (breed groups are 1m/2f per group of 5 different species per passive pen). There is also a list of accepted gatherers that can be placed in a passive pen that do not count against the breed groups.

  • Creatures that do NOT gain passive pen benefits are: Wyverns, Griffins, Basilisk, Rock Drake, Reaper, Karkinos and Rock Elementals.
  • Creatures that ARE protected within passive pens are: oviraptor, dung beetle, anky, doed, theri, beaver/thorny, mammoth, mantis, phoenix, megatherium, rhino, shinehorn, glowtail, bulbdog and featherlight.

You can own more then 3 of the protected dinos listed but only 3 will be protected in a passive pen.

It is not against rules to break in and tranq dinos in passive pens. Pens can be defended with turrets/etc but be aware that if passive pets die in taking out the defenses, they are considered collateral damage and the raiding tribe is not required to replace these pets. Defenses like turrets are not allowed inside a pen, place them around the outside. (see above for what is allowed inside a passive pen)

Bases are not allowed to be inside a passive pen, separate the two. You can have your base fully enclosed in a fence and have both a pen and base inside the fence but they must be separate from each other by either another fence or terrain, etc...

Admins will NOT replace dinos that were killed in a passive pen, the offending tribe/person must replace or offer equal compensation satisfactory to the person who's dinos they killed within a timely manner and not outlandish requests, if the offenders decide to refuse to do so they will be removed from the server. Understand this is for the first offense, if the offenders kill passives in a pen again then they will be removed from the server right away.

*The compensation/payback terms should be worked out between the two parties, if for some reason it can not be then contact an admin to mediate. Yes haggling is allowed *

Cool down requests must be posted within the discord in order to be valid. While in discord, please do not use the @staff tag or tag Admins direct. If you have a problem and it goes unaddressed for more than 30 minutes, tag @helpers instead of the staff and they will address it or garner the staff's attention for you. The staff regularly checks the discord, but tagging them disrupts their ability to run the server.

A few extra notes about the server:

Admins will not replace dinos/items lost due to bugs.

Do not disrespect the admins. We work very, very hard to run this server and if you are going to be unappreciative or disrespectful then you can leave

These rules are a living document and subject to change without warning - All rules when changed will be posted on Discord. If you have any questions or concerns about the rules ask a helper or admin in Discord in the #ask-for-help-here channel


No Staff plays on the server they are admins/gm, helpers are players and have ZERO admin abilities. They are there to answer questions and grant CD's in Discord. They have a unique color and role so that players know it is a helper answering.